Do You Experience Insomnia?

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Do you find that you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep, stay asleep or even go back to sleep when you wake up?

When you suffer from a lack of sleep, is this causing you more problems and anxiety throughout your working day?

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Do you find that the harder you try to get to sleep and find that relaxed place in your mind, the more difficult it becomes to drift off?

Insomnia is said to become chronic when it occurs for more than three nights a week, over a period of one month. It usually follows a negative cycle that goes through these steps:

  1. Anxiety and Stress – due to difficult events in your life you’re finding it tough to cope and your mind is beset with all kinds of problems.
  2. Problematic Sleep – restoring energy is difficult, you can’t shut off the negative thoughts associated with stress in your mind, and you find it hard to relax enough for proper rest.
  3. Less Energy and Focus – as you aren’t getting enough sleep, your ability to do your work and cope with tough situations is decreased.
  4. More Anxiety and Stress – caused by the lack of sleep, reinforcing the problems that caused the insomnia in the first place.

A Psychological Problem

More often than not the problem that’s causing your insomnia is psychological rather than physical.

As hypnotherapy is all about finding a relaxed state that’s separated from stress, it is the ideal treatment for insomnia.

You’ll find that a brief course of hypnotherapy together with some basic psychological therapy will help you find your natural pathway back to sleep, helping you rebalance your life and move on.

However if insomnia is being caused by problems that you could be bringing under control, there is the option to take on further help in solving life’s challenges.

As a fully accredited BABCP therapist, I can combine CBT techniques with hypnotherapy to help you to better deal with obstacles and difficulties preventing you from sleep.

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