Do You Feel Stressed Out?

Is stress affecting your everyday life?

There will always be a little stress in your life. When this becomes unbearable, or starts to impede on your regular life, the results can be disastrous.

Hypnotherapy can stop your stress turning into a negative cycle. To book an initial consultation session at my expense please use the online booking system here.

Stress affects us all.  When you’re working, at home, or even on holiday stress may haunt you.

Changes in our routine or personal life are always unsettling and often take considerable adjustment.

Uncomfortable emotions may arise as a result of this process, and overcoming these is often the biggest challenge.

Are you having difficulties with the following?

  • That you’re focussing more on problems than solutions?
  • Do you feel completely out of control?
  • Is anger and irritability making the situation worse?
  • Can you remember the last time you had restful sleep?
  • Do you feel exhausted, demotivated and frustrated?
  • Have you started doubting yourself?
  • You’re concerned that if your situation continues it might have wider health implications?

Then hypnotherapy could provide you with relief, helping you immediately de-stress and calm down.

A short course of hypnotherapy often allows you to regain control over your emotions, get some serious sleep and find the time to relax and rebalance.

This could be as simple as learning some effective time management techniques. However, if you always find yourself saying “yes” or wanting to please people and worrying about what they might think about you, then hypnotherapy might not be enough.

The good news is that as a fully BABCP accredited therapist I can help you diffuse these fears. To start forming new and more workable habits, a combination of ACT, hypnotherapy and CBT can give you the life skills you need to beat fear and anxiety with hypnosis.

Want to start recovering from stress? Book a free initial consultation at my expense using my online system.