Learn How to Mix with People and Groups in a Social Setting

Social anxiety can be a crippling condition, however with small steps and release from worry – you can change your life.

One of the biggest difficulties to overcome with social anxiety is that every time you attempt to go to a party, gathering or even the smallest event your symptoms of worry and dread return. This simply reinforces the unhelpful thinking that have held you back for so many years.

Finding a way to approach social meetings with a different mindset will give you the ability to take the first step into a different world. Imagine what it would be like if you could simply wave goodbye to the worry and stress of being around people?

Through practice you can overcome social anxiety

Develop a new way of thinking that helps you escape you fear of people with an initial consultation at our expense

Social anxiety can rule your life and prevent you from enjoying a full and exciting existence. You could find yourself deliberately making excuses not to join in with friends and family, which might leave you missing out on meaningful experiences with the people who you love and love you.

Hypnotherapy is one of the tools available to you that could give you release from your anxiety, allowing you to finally approach social meetings and gatherings in a new and positive manner. It helps you deal with the initial apprehension and worry, giving you space and freedom from the usual worry and apprehension.

How does Hypnotherapy help you beat social anxiety?

  • Gain the ability to reframe nervous tension and stop seeing your feelings as worry and anxiety and start realising that you’re actually excited by anticipating positive social interaction.
  • Step away from your past challenges allowing you to get over your repeated patterns of behaviour by realising that you are in control of your reality – right here and right now.
  • Learn how to let go of stress and worry including breathing and mindfulness exercises that allow you to quickly turn down the volume on the negative thoughts and feelings around social gatherings.
  • Build a new, more confident you as you take your positive experiences and use them to gain momentum, quickly developing the self-assurance to take on situations you never thought possible.

Your best chance of beating social anxiety

As a fully BABCP registered therapist, Derek has been trained in many of the leading psychological therapies including ACT, CBT and EMDR. By combining these with hypnotherapy he creates a program of personal growth and success that gives you the personal resilience to take on the world beyond the therapy room.

You will learn how to use the methods he teaches you to not only beat your social anxiety, but also how to step through any further challenges life throws at you in your work and personal life.

Having helped hundreds of people working both as a private specialist and for the NHS, he has real world, practical experience that does not rely on dredging up the past or continually re-examining family relationships to try to find answers and reasons for your behaviours.