About Me

I originally trained as a mental health nurse. It was here I discovered my passion for helping people improve their lives through working with patients with difficulties. After working for a number of years with the NHS, I decided my skills would be best put to use serving private clients using a number of therapeutic techniques I had learned through my job role.

After seeing how hypnotherapy could help make a difference in clients’ lives I decided to gain my Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy in 2003. Immediately putting this skill into practice I quickly discovered the various techniques and strategies in effective hypnosis, developing therapeutic techniques to help people with frequently occurring problems such as addictive behavioural patterns and social anxieties.

Since then I have learned how to combine hypnotherapy with a number of other therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR. This allows me to offer my clients a range of different treatments that when combined can provide both relief and a solution to long standing psychological difficulties, traumas and problems.

If you would you would like to find out how I can help you with hypnotherapy and a combination of other techniques then please get in contact with me and arrange a free consultation session where I can talk through the options available to you.