Posted on 27th October 2015 | Category: CBT, Useful Tools

Do you ever find that with certain important tasks that you should complete, you put them off time and time again? Maybe you leave it too late until the deadline has passed, or when you finally start there’s no time left to complete the task properly? Or perhaps you avoid certain meetings or conversations? Is this because you don’t believe in yourself or feel that you will be under a spotlight? Could this be down to fear that you might blow your opportunity and a worry about perceived confrontation? Are you using procrastination to avoid the difficult challenges of life?

Has this become a habit?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Are you full of good intentions that never actually happen?

Sometimes we put things to the back of our minds and make ourselves promises that we will get back to them later. Then when we finally do get back to the task, we’ve left it too late or someone has taken advantage of us again. The consequences can be both painful and on-going.

Do you find yourself putting off saying the things you need to say again and again, through simple fear of what others might say to us, or perhaps even what we believe they might do?

When we are in this situation it is entirely possible to fall into a negative passive aggressive cycle that generally occurs along the following lines. Someone, like a family member or a boss begins to ask more and more of us. At first we are willing, often rising to the challenge because we want to fit in and be thought of well. Then, instead of being satisfied and acknowledging us, they ask for more and more.

At this stage we might find ourselves complying, but inside we might be upset – or even angry or afraid that we are being taken advantage of. Still we carry on pleasing people and the cycle continues. If nothing changes eventually we find ourselves either exploding, with everyone getting a shock because they didn’t realise we were under such pressure and they didn’t see the outburst coming, or we withdraw and stay away, perhaps even going off sick through the stress of avoiding confrontation.

Through hypnotherapy, ACT and CBT you can learn the following:

• Learn how to diffuse fear and escape procrastination
• Learn how to recognize our own patterns of behaviour, as well as those of others. This way we can learn how to change old self destructive habits. Whilst getting things done and meeting our own needs and those of others in a more balanced and effective way
• Learn how being assertive can help us become effective non aggressive negotiatiors
• Learn how to priorities and sensibly schedule, so that you, can pace your self healthily and give yourself time to complete tasks effectively.
• Learn how to connect with what is important to you and learn to take effective action in your own best interests, even when feeling anxious.