Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Is Nicotine Still Ruling Your Life?

Whether you’re smoking on an old fashioned cigarette or a vaporiser, nicotine could be affecting your behaviour.

Often nicotine only eases the stress created from its own need.

By removing this addictive substance from your life completely you should be able to find new ways to relax and let of steam.

Hypnotherapy could give you the energy and motivation to finally overcome this addiction. Book an initial free consultation and find out how.

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break.

Sometimes we only need to have that one cigarette or vape pipe when we’re out drinking and before we know it, we’re back into the cycle again.Is it really possible to quit smoking with hypnotherapy?

Have you found…

  • That you’re always putting off stopping smoking – there never seems like an ideal time, when you’re free enough off stress to escape the clutches of nicotine.
  • When you fail to stop smoking, you beat yourself up – when you punish yourself for failing to stop smoking, you often reinforce the cycle that makes you smoke in the first place.
  • You still enjoy and like smoking – and giving up seems like a scary proposition even though you know that you should stop for reasons of your health.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many people who have tried to stop smoking start at this this point. If it was a simple and easy process you wouldn’t need help.

Doubt is Natural

It is both normal and healthy to have doubts. However it would not be fair to suggest that smoking is a habit that is easily overcome. Addictive behaviour takes time and effort to changes. Improving concentration and focus once you have kicked that habit can also be difficult to achieve.

You will find that hypnotherapy gently eases you away from nicotine. Withdrawals are slowly reduced and your perspective is gradually changed over time. Our service is more than simple tricks and techniques that quickly fade after a consultation session.

Sometimes not smoking can be more about the social pressure to smoke at work or when out with friends. Saying no to a habitual behaviour with added pressure from friends may seem like an impossible task. As a fully accredited BABCP therapist I combine CBT and hypnotherapy to give you the power to be assertive and say no in any situation.

So if you can’t get an instant fix for your nicotine problem, then what’s the answer?

Long term techniques that relieve the underlying causes for your addictive behaviour, will create a real change in your lifestyle and behaviours. These workable approaches will teach you how to help yourself.