Stopping Smoking

Posted on 4th June 2015 | Category: Useful Tools

Stopping smoking can be an incredibly difficult task. Not only does our body love the fact that this activity gives us an external source of nicotine, which is a chemical naturally produced by the liver, but it can be a social and conversational crutch for many people. However, with recent legislation smoking has become an increasingly taboo activity, with only the die-hard advocates continuing in this practice.

However a new study has been released that shows that bribery can play an important part in helping people stop smoking. Apparently the added financial incentive can act as extra leverage, helping people work with a reward based dynamic that can replace the instant relaxation and rewards offered by smoking.

As an experienced psychotherapist I would argue that this has always been an incentive. With the price of cigarettes currently at around £5 for 10, even a light smoker is looking at a bill of around £120 per month or well over £1,000 per year for their habit. Nobody other than the ultra-rich can really afford this habit therefore every time a person stops smoking they already have an instant cash incentive and return on their behaviour.

One of the things that’s really proven to help people stop smoking are programs. These require people to make a commitment to their health and this increasing their likelihood of seeing it through. It has been proven that programs that involve some kind of group activity are even more successful as these use social adherence and herd mentality tactics to ensure that members help each other in giving up cigarettes.

It’s not simply about stopping smoking and letting the money pile up. As part of your rehabilitation into a more useful and productive lifestyle, these funds should be spent on another useful activity. Getting into sports and the gym, joining a public speaking group or a business networking society can all give you an outlet that can help occupy you and find friends who understand and support you in the struggle to get over smoking.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most useful tools in aiding this process. Especially when combined with strategies that don’t necessarily challenge one’s view of cigarettes and smoking as a pleasurable activity. There is more than enough pressure in public circles to ditch this dangerous habit and smokers are often amongst those most aware of the health hazards of this activity.

However, with hypnotherapy and the right kind of mindfulness training, there are techniques that can help reframe this behaviour and give you the tools that you need to escape the need for nicotine. To find out more, why not book a free consultation session where we can discuss your current situation and present the options available to you.